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Hey, I didn't know you knew PHP!
Servo is a new kind of program. It builds PHP using drag & drop objects. Even if you've never programmed before, Servo can get you writing PHP for your website in minutes.

Servo - the gist.
Servo let's you connect to a web site, either on your PC or a server and start making PHP scripts. PHP scripts are composed of functions, Servo represents functions as objects, and supplies well over 100. All you need to do then is drag objects into your script and you're writing PHP!

We've got the server covered
Servo can connect directly to your web host using the secure SFTP protocol. Edit PHP right on your server and see results right away.
There's an object for that
Servo writes out regular PHP, no plugins, no server add-ons, it's just normal PHP. The difference with Servo is that we've created over 100 objects for both simple and complex tasks. So let's say you want to record someone's email on a web form, there's an object for that. Want to record that email to a database? There's an object for that too. Need to accept file upload? You get the idea.
Like Drag & Drop? Or Code?
Servo lets you drag and drop objects into your PHP, but you can custom code too. Servo isn't just for PHP beginners, it's for lazy pros too.
Windows 8
Servo is built from the ground up in Microsoft's Modern design language.
Build your own objects too.
Servo supplies over 100 objects for tasks as varied as database access to making thumbnail images to sending emails. But that's just the start, the same Object Builder system we used to make our objects, you get too.
Work locally or on a server
Don't have a web host yet? No problem, Servo can work with any web server and PHP set up on your computer.
Support for techie favourites
We've already made objects for MySQL, CouchDB, Memcache, XML, JSON, Encryption, ImageMagick,cURL, REST services.
Server neutral
Got a Linux hosting deal? No problem. Got Solaris at work? Cool. Using Windows Server, OS X Server? Servo likes them all, you just need a working PHP enabled web server.
Servo supplies objects to help you put together sites, but it provides recipes too, so you can get a working script in seconds.