Instruktion is making products which change how we work with our web sites and servers. We're looking to remove complexity and add simplicity.
Moray Taylor
Moray is Mac expert who dates all the way back to 68000 processors and 1MB of RAM (not kidding). Moray started programming Objective-C back when Mac OS X still looked like NeXTStep. Moray writes about Macs and other stuff on his blog. Moray's favourite classic computers he's ever owned are a Mac IIsi, Castle Technology Iyonix, and Silicon Graphics O2.
Garry Taylor
Garry is a server guy, he thinks proper computers are ones you can't lift. If you like reading about UNIX, servers, thin clients, IBM i, and other cool computers, check out the blog. Garry's favourite computers he's ever owned are Acorn A3010, Sun Ultra 1, and IBM AS/400 9401/150.
We're in Melbourne
We're in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. You can email us if you like.

Instruktion is a trading name of The Escapers Pty Ltd.